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I'm trying to run ungoogled chromium and this is in the readme. Before you run, you must setup your system so the browser's sandboxing will work. There are two options: * Use the user namespace sandbox. This is the preferred option. * Use the ... should be found online. How do I correctly setup namespace sandbox for chromium in Solus? there's no kernel.unprivileged_userns_clone. Thank you.
asked 6 days ago ceramics 140 points 2
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Hi, can any one help with installation of my printer canon mf3010 in solus ?don't have much knowledge with commands rather than copy paste. So I'll really appreciate step by step what to do. Thank you
asked Sep 7 danny.nyssa 120 points 2
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suddenly my multimedia keys stopped working. It happend after I closed / open laptop. Already tried: sudo echo 'acpi_backlight=none' | sudo tee /etc/kernel/cmdline reboot thanks.
asked Sep 5 andremeloni 120 points 3
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I have a 64bit OS with 4GB RAm, i want to run netbeans on it to practice C programming.
asked Aug 27 ubaida985 120 points 2
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I really couldn't word my question better and i apologize. I am trying to install Solus Gnome on my laptop and i am stuck at the Disks section, eternally "examining local storage devices". To make it worse, i can not let it do it's thing and wait it out because if ... which i found strange considering it didn't let me before. Anyway, i'm gonna let it cook during the night, but i do not expect much
asked Aug 16 Banana 120 points 3
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Sometimes I just hit shut down forgetting I had my firefox session open, which I like to keep all tabs and windows across reboots. Solus shuts down so quickly and every time I forget to close it my self before clicking shut down, in the next boot it shows a tab ... should work to compensate for that, not the other way around! So is there any way I can have Solus properly quit at least firefox?
answered Aug 9 AngelKrauze 220 points 1 6
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Any way to use Solus OS as a bticoin/altcoin mining rig? I can't seem to figure it out. Thanks! Gabe
answered Aug 9 AngelKrauze 220 points 1 6
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Hi, can somebody point me in the right direction, please? I set up Telegram and Psensor to launch on start up but on each start up they don't start minimized in tray but show windows that I need to close every time which is annoying. Thank you!
answered Aug 9 AngelKrauze 220 points 1 6
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Canon PIXMA MX922 contains 100 rate dial areas in addition to a 250-page memory so that you can get faxes also whenever the system runs out paper. Canon PIXMA MX922 with some excess will cause you to discover that it’s helpful. Canon printer Drivers for Mac Windows 10
asked Jul 21 CanonPrinterdriver 120 points 4
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Hi guys Do you know how to install Kit Scenarist ? I moved from Mint to Solus today and trying to set up my desktop. Can't find any Gdebi like app to install Kit Scenarist .deb file. I never compiled any app from source, so it's kinda hard for me :) Kit Scenarist homepage:
asked Jul 17 dominiq 120 points 2
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RealVNC only provide .deb, .rpm, and a Generic Script. The generic script has a script "vncinstall" which unfortunately doesn't work - If I run the application in the Applications folder, I then cannot log into the RealVNC account. What I would like to be able ... for a flatpak or snap package but unfortunately couldn't find anything. Would it be possible to have an eopkg created for it? Ghanks
asked Jun 25 Pekempy 140 points 2
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Hi, I'm trying to get RealVNC working- but unfortunately can't seem to on Solus. I need this to remote in often, and I need to be able to sign in with my account
asked Jun 25 Pekempy 140 points 2
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Hi, Was anyone able to install ryver desktop from the gz file ? Thanks
asked Jun 3 embb 120 points 2
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Posted by HC_Sam Hey guys, I was wondering if there was a tutorial for doing a clean dual boot install of Windows and Solus? Brand new install for both, working from a blank drive, wanting to boot into UEFI mode. I run a Dell XPS 15 9550, and I want to partition and dual boot off a NVME drive, if it’s relevant. Thanks!
answered May 25 JetBleu 120 points 3
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answered May 21 jaw6565 140 points 3
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I set some of my apps to autostart on startup. Can anybody tell me whether there any way to start it in background? Minimized to try is also fine.
answered May 21 kodm 140 points 2
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I downloaded solus 4.0 and installed on my existing system. The theme looks very different in solus 4 . I don't see any option to change theme. How can I get the old solus theme?
answered Apr 3 kevin 7.8k points 2 12 26
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Hello, I have a printer to install Ricoh SP111 in solus. To work, I have to get the below packages to install: 1) jbigkit 2)inotify-tools I found the package inotify-tools but the 1) package wasnt found. Can someone let me know if the following package is available or alternative for the package is available. If it isnt available then How to request the package.
answered Apr 3 kevin 7.8k points 2 12 26
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Hi, I'm using Solus with KDE on my laptop. However I've to install W10 to use some soft. My laptop works with UEFI & an Optimus Nvidia GTX 1050. I'm using Refind instead of grub atm but I can change it. How should I process to create my dual-boot ? Moreover Solus is on my SSD and I've another disk (hdd) of 1To ( 500Go for storage & 500Go to install windows)
answered Feb 25 ylnarayana 280 points 2 8
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